Mêler la vie au vide, 13,5x18 cm, an edition of 7 copies, printed in Annecy

*Mixing Life with Emptiness

Wastelands… Places with neither historical nor aesthetical value.  Former parks, warehouses, schools, mosques even. 
I met with passers-by, people from the neighborhoods around asking them the 3 same questions:
     -What was it before?
     -What is it now?
     -What will it be?

I wrote down on paper each of their answers, keeping their exact words and manner of speaking.


Altitudes, 13,5x18 cm, an edition of 13 copies, printed in Annecy

(An excerpt)

We shouldn’t come here, but we’re spending hours in the dust of the debris.
It’s a road in between the various pieces of trash, nothing more than ruins. 
It’s not an actual road, it’s a path through a building site that was created by 
the daily crossings of the workers. 

It’s our playground. It’s precious because it will be destroyed when  useful stuff would appear. We hide behind the scrap, it’s dangerous but nothing’s gonna happen. Our favourite game is climbing up the mountain in the center of the site. It’s a stone and bricks monster. 

Each time we take a step further an avalanche of pebbles runs down the hill.

Just behind the mountain there are huge piles of sand.

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