Mêler la vie au vide*

*Mixing Life with Emptiness

Wastelands… Places with neither historical nor aesthetical value.  Former parks, warehouses, schools, mosques even.  Today they have no particular function or just

a temporary, improvised one. In collective memory facts are mixed up with urban legends, press articles and personnal stories. How can such vast pieces of land

almost stop existing? In this project I’m interested not in their geographical but in

their temporal dimension, their own stories.
I met with passers-by, people from the neighborhoods around asking them the 3 same questions:
     -What was it before?
     -What is it now?
     -What will it be?

I wrote down on paper each one of their answer, keeping their exact words and manner of speaking.The project later evolved into a book called Mêler la vie au vide.


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